Centros de Datos

Data Centres

Where does the cloud live?
At arsys we place the Cloud services upon the infrastructure and IT services. Our Data Centres are a fundamental piece of said infrastructure and services. Robust and cost-efficient

Data Centres

Arsys has three Data Centres that incorporate the latest technological advances in physical and logical security, air conditioning and electrical supply, to ensure the maximum availability of your services and maximum energy efficiency.

From the Data Centre's High Availability Centre (HAC), the arsys team monitors server statuses, communication lines and services etc.,

along with necessary protocol activations should there be an incident of any kind: I.T. related, excess traffic, perimeter security, intrusion detection systems...

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1,200 different signals are monitored from our centres' physical infrastructures, which enable the area to be managed in order for electrical, environmental, and security conditions to comply with our quality standards.

These facilities are innovative in their construction, since they are based on the "Invest As You Grow" model, which enables you to adjust and adapt the infrastructure as the company grows.

This ensures economic investment is adapted to the demand for Internet services, the economic situation and the pace of development of the Knowledge Society.

This accrued time benefits both the upfront investment in technology infrastructure and the costs of maintaining the services (electrical consumption, air conditioning?). With this model, Arsys expects to invest ?20 M over the coming years.

Eco-efficient service

With regards to improving their energy efficiency, the arsys Data Centres include measures that enable them to obtain a Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE) rating of Excellent, which is a rating system used in the sector to evaluate Data Centre energy efficiency.

Materiales aislantes y de última generación

We use latest generation insulation and materials, that guarantee the maximum thermal stability and increase the level of air-conditioning efficiency.

Aprovechamos las condiciones externas

We make use of external conditions, cooling the water of the air-conditioning circuit using evaporative condensers.

Automatización inteligente

Intelligent automation and permanent R&D&i in partnership with manufacturers to seek a continuous cycle of improvement.