What is Cloud?
Cloud is an IT service system that eliminates initial investment, is scalable in minutes and is offered in a pay-per-use format, thus enabling IT costs to partner business cycles.
Why with arsys?
Arsys is the largest Cloud services provider in Spain. It's the only one in Spain with its own control panel that not only allows server management, but also provides autonomy for the management of networks, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, IP addresses, monitoring, self-sizing, usage and many more features. Our high level of specialisation in this technology make us your best ally, whether you are a user of this technology or whether you need to incorporate it into your projects in order to offer your clients greater value-for-money services.
What types of Cloud are there at Arsys?
At arsys we have three types of Cloud solutions within the Cloudbuilder service which we outline below:
  • Public Cloudbuilder: Cloudbuilder is a tool that enables the client to flexibly deploy a Datacenter of virtual infrastructures to their client, which are managed from a control panel.
  • Hybrid Cloudbuilder: Takes advantage of the benefits or Cloudbuilder and also enables integration with a dedicated physical platform.
  • Private Cloudbuilder: Private Cloudbuilder is different from Cloudbuilder in that it offers greater network and resources isolation by incorporating dedicated hardware.

How do I create a new server in Cloudbuilder?
Arsys has developed a very simple and intuitive Control Panel from which you can create a new server in three easy steps.
  • Choose the virtual appliance: You can select to create your server: Virtual appliances created and certified by Arsys or private appliances previously created for you. You can even carry out the installation step by step from the DVD of the Operating System as if it were found in front of your server.
  • Size the server: You will have to select the number of vCPUs, RAM and hard disks that you server will use.
  • Options: We'll choose the entry password and other connectivity configurations from this section, which will allow us to directly insert the server into a specific group, for example.

Can I import a virtual external server into Arsys Cloudbuilder?
In Arsys Cloudbuilder you can create a server from an external one you have in your offices or with another provider. Cloudbuilder supports a number formats in the files that make up the server to be imported: OVF, VMDK, VMC, sv2i, TIB, VMX, OVA, PVS, SPF.

An online wizard will ask you for the information CloudBuilder needs to create the server, as well as how you will upload the files to the system; you can either deposit them in a free temporary FTP account created automatically in your panel, or you can specify the URL where they are located and CloudBuilder will copy the files.

Once the server is created, Arsys technicians will perform the import and you will be notified by email once it has been completed.
Can I export a virtual server from Cloudbuilder?
With this option, included in the Control Panel, you can export your server to one of the available formats: OVF, VMDK, VMC, sv2i, TIB, VMX, OVA, PVS, SPF.

Once the request has been made from the control panel, Arsys technicians will perform said action and you will be notified by email once it has been completed. The files generated by the export will be deposited in a temporary FTP account, for which you will be provided with the login details.
Can I access a server by (KVM) console in Cloudbuilder?
From the Cloudbuilder Control Panel it's possible to access the servers directly using a (KVM) console. You can thus, communicate with it as if it were physically in front of you.

This is a remote access feature to the server which enables you to connect to it via a browser, regardless of whether the server is connected to the Internet.

Access via console is especially useful for: supervising server start-up, performing step by step installations and for solving server problems should it not allow us access.

Can I create shared storage between servers?
Shared storage volumes between servers can be managed in CloudBuilder. From here you can manage your shared storage volumes. These storage volumes can be accessed by different servers at the same time.