Our Network

Our Network

Our WAN Communications Network is longer than 5,000 km. It connects our Data Centres to the Internet, through individual 10 Gbps capacity core fibre optic links. They are simultaneously active, fully redundant and run along different routes.

Always connected

arsys manages a Communications Network through which 16 million legitimate emails travel daily, along with millions of website visits, all of which are housed in the arsys Data Centres.

Our clients business applications traffic circulates daily through our systems (ERP, BI, CRM...) through secure MPLS, VPLS and VPN networks.

arsys is an Autonomous System registered in RIPE (AS20718), meaning it has a range of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. We are members of neutral data exchange points in Spain (Espanix) and the United Kingdom (Linx) and we have peering agreements with over 250 operators throughout the world.

In this way, the data traffic is exchanged in the most appropriate network nodes according to the user's geographical location, guaranteeing an optimum download speed to any destination, without delays.